Health and Safety Commitment

                                            Our company believes, the health and safety of our employees must be as important as quality, cost, production and morale. The company`s goal is to provide a safe and friendly work environment to every employee.

                                            "Integrity , Law-abiding, Prevention-oriented, Continuous Improvement."

                                            HSE Management System Health Safety Environment

                                            Premise for health and safety policy

                                            The company`s health and safety policy can be successful only with the active cooperation of all managers,employees,contractors and visitors.Everyone has the responsibility for providing all necessary assistance to ensure the health and safety of themselves and others. At the sametime,all employees are responsible for performing their assigned duties safely by following established safety work procedures,proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and control measures.
                                            Environment Policy Commitment

                                            Manage by the law, Protect the environment
                                            Create a technological and environmental-friendly Orient Cable(NBO)

                                            Orient Cable(NBO) is committed to integrating environmental management with our core culture value:

                                            ● Incorporate environmental factors into work practices at all levels;inform employees about applicable environmental regulations and related requirements;
                                            ● Provide employees with the resources needed to carry out their work in accordance with applicable environmental regulations and related requirements;
                                            ● Formulate environmental goals and targets related to the company`s operations and take action to achieve these goals and targets;
                                            ● Promote pollution prevention,waste minimization and protection;promote effective use of innovative environmental technologies and practices;
                                            ● Create a work environment that encourages employees and colleagues to report and raise environmental issues without any worry;
                                            ● Continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of environmental management through evaluation, performance and cost indicators;
                                            ● Comply with applicable laws, regulations and other enacted environmental requirements.

                                            Every employee of Orient Cable(NBO) should:

                                            ● Perform their assigned duties in a manner that complies with applicable environmental regulations and related requirements;
                                            ● Continuously improve the environmental performance of the work area;
                                            ● Always be aware of the potential environmental consequences of their actions and pay attention to minimizing any adverse consequences;
                                            ● Report environmental incidents timely;
                                            ● Participate in incident investigation;
                                            ● Effectively disseminate the information and lessons learned from any incident;
                                            ● Correct defects and take measures to prevent accidents.
                                            HSE Management Targets

                                            0 safety accidents; 0 new occupational diseases. The rate of holding certificates reaches 100%. The pre-job safety education rate for new employees reaches 100%. The rectification rate of non-conformance and potential safety hazards reaches 100%.