Learning and development

                                            Integrate every learning and
                                            development into work

                                            Young Orient Cable(NBO)

                                            An enterprise where young talents gather together is bound to be full of vitality,imagination,and hope for development.The passion and energy of young people determine the enterprise development. Orient Cable(NBO) has established a complete talent training mechanism and set the selection and training plan for reserve talents in key positions,therefore,reasonably excavating,developing and training the reserve talent team,further to provide talent support for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

                                            Career training

                                            Orient Cable(NBO) attaches great importance to the overall positioning strategy,combining personal goals with our training system to build a learning-oriented enterprise.The Human Resources Department has established a three-level training management system to ensure the effective implementation of formulating,carrying out and estimating the training plan.We also help to make the suitable career plan for every employee,create a platform for employees ability improvement and career development,and ensure the realization of the company`s development strategic goals.